Data Security Considerations from FTC v. Wyndham

The world of ECommerce brought about a new paradigm of managing the digital footprint of today’s electronic transactions. Companies and Solution Providers are both faced with defining security as it relates to the data being exchanged with customers and implementing the proper protection for this information. However, the question of

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The Essentials of Local Marketing

Today’s world of marketing offers numerous possibilities for Local Marketing, defined as the marketing of a business within a defined and localized geographic area. While this is a rigid definition, it complements marketing done across the web that may benefit a local business, such as content visible to travelers researching

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Presenting Multi-Topic Content Efficiently

As companies continue to embrace content marketing, the result is the creation of an incredible amount of content published across the web. This affects both the person attempting to find content and the content producer working toward getting the content in the hands of people that will find it useful. An

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