Category Essence: COVID-19 Mitigation Solutions

It’s been said a thousand times – “these are unprecedented times”. However, we have multiple knowledge pockets from where we can draw knowledge. 911, SARS and MERS have taught us. Various industries have taught us. As a result we have more tools than ever to apply no matter what COVID-19 brings us now or in the future. Capsolve has released a brief introduction to COVID-19 Mitigation Solutions that include: services, equipment, software and technology that may play a role in the future of your business. Please use this whitepaper as a guide to further your understanding of the options you have for today and tomorrow. Capsolve is here to help you understand these risk mitigating solutions and enable you to make decisions as to whether they fit into your company’s business or mitigation strategies. This report provides:

  • A summary of Hospitality, Restaurant and Golf capabilities with COVID-19 risks
  • The categories of products from Solution Providers that may be effective for mitigating these risks
  • A selection of risk mitigation considerations
  • Questions for Now and the Future