Category Essence: Hotel PMS Research Update

Category Essence: Hotel PMS Research Update

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Capsolve Updates Research for its Hotel Property Management System Report

Capsolve, a marketing and technology research and services company, tracks the Hotel Property Management System (PMS) market for the hospitality industry and recently updated its research for this category. This research helps buyers get a better understanding of the marketplace and more easily find the solutions most appropriate for their operations. The Research Report is also able to help vendors better understand the marketplace from a holistic perspective

Caspolve defines the PMS market as those solutions that facilitate rates, reservations and associated operational tasks for hotels. However, the world of solutions in this category is diverse in order to meet the needs of myriad types of hotels and hotel companies that may have significantly varying business requirements. As an example, our Style Map for the category found the following frequency of software modules beyond what Capsolve considers standard PMS functionality.

ModulePercent of PMS Solutions with this functionality
Internet Booking Engine (IBE)79%
Channel Management (CM)61%
Point of Sale (POS)50%
Central Reservation System (CRS)40%
Sales & Catering (S&C)38%
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)36%

Building on these modules, it is important to note, 57% of the vendors in this category have designed their system to address both individual properties and hotel companies with multiple properties. 71% of them market themselves as part of an ecosystem of vendors resulting from collaboration and a network of interfaces interconnecting these software products for the benefit of hotels.

Selected Leading Vendors in the Category

The actual features of each module across the vendors may be quite different and vary not only in function, but also form, and the following table makes no mention of many key factors such as security, support and pricing. When purchasing software, especially in a category as centrally located as a Hotel Property Management System, performing comprehensive due diligence will ensure you understand all facets of how the new technology will satisfy your business needs and enable you to reach your goals. It is important to note the variation of modules and features within and across these solutions is extensive. As an example, a given vendor’s POS product or module may be dramatically different when compared side by side to others. Similarly, a vendor’s collective portfolio of software modules may actually be a world apart from another vendor’s despite having checked all the same boxes. Each combination of modules complementing the PMS is usually designed for certain segments of hotels. And most vendors partner with others in both categories they don’t have and in those they do. Finally, the availability of a vendor’s product and its customer support capabilities may vary by geographic region.

The following section highlights a couple leading solution providers, each with a unique approach to solving common hotel business objectives. It provides Capsolve commentary along with a combination of recent product enhancements and views on 2022 from each of the vendors based on key messages they chose to share with you.

Shiji Enterprise Platform by Shiji Group

This Shiji property management solution is the company’s newest entrant into the market and is redefining the category by centralizing key functionalities and elements for business needs across hotel types and categories. The Shiji Enterprise Platform creates an interconnected solution for enterprise hotels and multi-property hotel companies to build upon as they continue to modernize their own technology stack. Their product portfolio includes those listed in the table along with Spa, Golf, Distribution, Point of Sale, Reputation Management, Analytics and Payment Solutions.

Solution Provider Perspective:

Shiji Group has created a new formula for the success of enterprise hotel companies. Our Shiji Enterprise Platform is an innovative, cloud-based solution for PMS, CRS, and more that is easily scalable and built with integrations at the forefront of its design. This unique approach centralizes individual and multi-property functions, making it a platform for hotel technology both within our own solutions and when connecting third party solutions.

Gabriella Alverio Albors | Shiji (US) Inc.

Oracle Hospitality Technology Solutions

Oracle brings a long history of expertise in the software industry and is a pioneer in hospitality for both PMS and POS software and hardware. Recently, the company released OPERA Cloud, a cloud native suite of solutions including property management, sales and events management, reporting and analytics, distribution, and a self-service integration platform, bringing its rich history of hotel solutions to the online world. Oracle Hospitality has complete coverage of the many complementary software modules utilized by hotels today, including most of those listed in the above table.

Solution Provider Perspective:

We at Oracle Hospitality have positioned our PMS solution based upon key driving forces in the industry. These include supporting sustainability efforts across our client base, providing solutions that allow hotel companies to decrease the expense of managing in-house solutions and building adaptability into our solutions to address recent fluctuations in demand and labor.

Louise Casamento | Oracle Hospitality