Capsolve’s research covers Marketing and Technology solutions that service multiple industries in addition to vertically oriented solutions within selected industries. Click on your industry to learn about Capsolve’s coverage within it and our introductory services:



Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Find more information about Capsolve’s industry specific services in the following slides.

Capsolve’s research is able to provide you access to numerous tools via its Solution Maps. These cover each industry, but also provide key insights into the solutions available for a given role within a company. As an example, the above industries often have a person or team assigned to managing Events. The following solution map details the various solution categories that currently exist to address the needs of those individuals with event management responsibilities. The grid also displays the capabilities these solutions deliver to event professionals, forming a prospective tool belt that may be drawn upon to achieve specific goals.

Event Management Solution Map

Event Management Solution Map 2017-11