Account Manager

Company Description:

Capsolve provides professional, accurate and custom information services and guidance to assist companies in understanding and selecting the most suitable marketing technologies. The company researches these marketing technology solutions to identify those able to provide the most value toward the specific marketing objectives of its clients. The available marketing solutions in this category have increased from a few hundred to thousands in the last five to ten years and Capsolve enables companies, consultants and agencies to discover those able to meet or exceed their marketing goals.

Job Title

Account Manager


Grow client base while managing responsibilities associated with assigned account relationships.

Job Summary

This position will have responsibility for managing selected accounts and growing their business segments. These client relationships may include individuals with general marketing or technology roles to members at the C-Level of a client organization. The person should be service oriented with strong general business knowledge and have the ability to understand how technology is best suited to meet marketing objectives and create results. The role will have the opportunity to grow a customer base by adding accounts and increasing the value provided to existing accounts. The person may also be responsible for performing research and analysis with regard to marketing technologies.

Job Description

The role is responsible for coordinating all aspects of each assigned client relationship for the purposes of addressing their specific needs with regard to marketing technologies and meeting the performance goals of their marketing objectives. These responsibilities may include researching both client needs and relevant marketing technologies to assess fit in the context of the client’s existing and planned resources.

Required Duties

  • Find prospects for Capsolve products and services
  • Identify opportunities to increase value for each account
  • Research and analysis of industry trends
  • Research and analysis of marketing technologies
  • Create thought leadership content for use with clients and as input into marketing function
  • Identify important trends within marketing and technologies and how these will affect potential and existing accounts
  • Suggest, define and plan client marketing programs
  • Refer and recommend marketing service and marketing technology providers to clients
  • Facilitate client discussions and meetings
  • Coach and advise the client regarding marketing technology decisions
  • Recommend, evaluate, select and coordinate the implementation of marketing technologies for use within Capsolve

Key Functional and Relational Responsibilities

  • Manage the profitability of accounts and client portfolio
  • Monitor and report on progress against goals
  • Position expertise of company as professional, accurate, timely and tailored
  • Populate marketing technology research for use with clients and marketing
  • Keep any members of executive team apprised of key changes and trends within industries and marketing technology segments
  • Collaborate with Customer Advisory Board
  • Coordinate marketing programs directed at customer segments

Organizational Relationships

  • Report to assigned management
  • Receive and respond to market research sources
  • Collaborate with Sales, Marketing and Finance functions
  • Manage relationships with Solution Providers as needed