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Solving for Capabilities within Marketing, Operations and Technology programs.

Research Services

The depth of Capsolve’s research creates increased visibility into the global nature of today’s hospitality vendor ecosystem. This wealth of information may be applied to quickly find qualified, relevant technology and services for the uniqueness of your property, portfolio of locations or brand. This deep industry knowledge base provides you the power to efficiently apply the best software, technology and resources to your company, projects, clients and purpose.

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Industry Services

Capsolve’s services are designed to enable Hotels, Restaurants, Vacation Rentals and Golf & Country Clubs along with their affiliated Corporate Groups to understand the full scope of marketplace products and assess the viability of potential solution paths. Buyers and Consultants in these industries are able to more efficiently identify solution options, manage vendor interactions, evaluate solution paths, plan projects and coordinate implementations with Capsolve as part of its team.

How Capsolve’s Research & Services Work for You

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Understand Thousands of Marketplace Solutions

Research Solutions

Subscribe to Capsolve’s software & technology research reports to stay informed about the complete ecosystem of industry solutions and how they interconnect. The research covers marketing, operational, technology, accounting and human resource solutions, among many others.

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Quickly Find Relevant Solutions

Vendor Lists

Easily find the most relevant software, technology or services for a planned business capability or project.

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Track & Plan all Technology Investments

Digital Planning

Track all of your software, hardware and services for all locations and all departments in one spot to facilitate technology planning, mitigate turnover risk and support IT infrastructure changes.

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Facilitate all your Vendor RFPs

Digital RFP Management

Generate an online RFP for nearly any technology or service vendor purchase and reduce your time to a selected solution by days, weeks or even months.

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Simplify Prospective Vendor Communications

Vendor Management

Let Capsolve manage touchpoints with prospective vendors to improve communications and quickly assess their potential value.

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Vendor Services

Vendors may benefit from Capsolve’s Research and Industry Services, but we also provide a Content Marketing Program to create high-quality, efficient content marketing solutions for vendors wanting to reach the buyer segment of the marketplaces we cover. Our solutions are designed around the production of content that places vendor products and services at the forefront of their own marketing programs and also industry marketing solutions if additional exposure is sought. Capsolve brings Research, Evaluation Services, Implementation Coordination and Content Marketing to the benefit of your company and its clients in a form that sparks sales discussions.

How Capsolve’s Vendor Services Work for You

Create Quality Product Content for Your Markets

Content Marketing Program

Supplement your company’s content marketing campaigns with Capsolve’s informational and decision-prompting content for the benefit of your audiences of interest.

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Example 1:

Product Highlights

A brief marketing oriented graphical summary of a vendor solution reinforced by a prelusive analysis of the product or service.

Example 2:

Professional Review

A detailed review of a vendor solution designed to educate and qualify the prospective market.

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