Terms of Service

Viewing any portion of this Site or purchasing a Service(s) creates an agreement between you and your company (“Company”) and Accubase Inc. dba Capsolve (Capsolve) for the purposes of accessing and viewing Content or obtaining Services. This agreement does not obligate you or Company to purchase products or services from Capsolve.


  • Site: All pages of this website, its RSS feed and related Content materials associated with Capsolve and its Services.
  • Content: all text, images, video and other types of content distributed as part of this Site or its Services.
  • Services: All purchased information, research and services provided by Capsolve or its affiliates, partners or subcontractors.

By visiting this Site or purchasing Services, you and Company acknowledge and agree that: (a) the information contained within the Site and Services represents Capsolve’s valuable and proprietary information; and (b) the Site is protected under copyright law, and the information contained within the Site is protected under contract law.

When accessing this Site:

  • You may view the Site within a compatible browser.
  • You must enter accurate contact information (full name, company, email, phone or other information) for yourself if required to obtain access to any Capsolve Content, Services or to receive Capsolve’s Research Notifications.
  • By entering your contact information, you agree that Capsolve may store and use your information for the purposes of contacting you, providing you marketing communications, and sending you research notifications in addition to providing you any purchased Services.  You may choose to opt-out of these communications or notifications at any time by sending your request to info@capsolve.com. If you are located outside of the United States, you consent to the transfer of your data to the United States for these purposes. 
  • Capsolve may deploy one or more technologies designed to track your viewing information for the email, link or document sent to you.

You may:

  • Forward a link to any Capsolve location on this Site to others that you believe would be interested in and not improperly use this Content.
  • Share any social media posts distributed by Capsolve within the same social media site.
  • Access the RSS feed for purposes of sharing its Content (Title, Source, Header Image, text, graphs and all other associated content) within your newletter, website or blog, upon receiving written permission from Capsolve.
  • Repurpose content from Capsolve as long as it is properly sourced as being from Capsolve and the Author associated with the work, upon receiving written permission from Capsolve.

You may not:

  • Share any Content from the Site in any form without written permission from Capsolve, with the exception of web links (urls) or social posts as stated in the above section.  To request permission, send your request to permissions@capsolve.com.

Content sourced to you from Capsolve is provided to you under a co-branded, non-exclusive, worldwide license applicable to your redistribution of the Content to your web, email and social audiences.

Access requests coming from persons who have submitted contact information that is non-descriptive, inaccurate or unverifiable, may be ignored or revoked at Capsolve’s sole discretion.

Companies or individuals with an interest in learning more about Content or similar research may contact Capsolve at info@capsolve.com.


By proceeding with viewing this Site or a purchase of Services, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you are opening a Vendor Account, you will need to read and accept the following Vendor Supplement.

Terms of Service – Vendor Supplement

These terms of Service are a supplement to Capsolve’s (Company) standard Terms of Service and are applicable only to registering Vendors.


Vendor: The company registering with Company.
Vendor Information: May include Company, Product and Service information (including logos, trademarks and service marks) from the registered Vendor.
Contact Information: The information associated with the person registering your company with Company.
Custom List Search: Company’s identification of specific solutions for a given request from another company seeking to purchase or advise on the purchase of a solution. A Custom List only includes Vendor Name, Vendor Website and Vendor Logo as it relates to Vendor Information.
Base Services: Includes Vendor Information Management and Custom List searches.
Services: All research and services provided by Company, except Base Services.

Your Use of Services

Upon submitting the Vendor Information registration form, you are registering your business with Company. This registration makes Company aware of your business, products and services. It also registers you for Company’s Base Services. These Base Services were created for Company to suggest, refer or recommend a vendor, product or service to a prospective buyer based on Company’s collective knowledge of both the marketplace and vendor products and services.

Our Tenets

  • The Vendor Information you provide to Company is your data.
  • Company will only share your Vendor Information with your consent and in the context of Base Services or Services you either approved or purchased.

Solution Provider agrees to:

  • Grant Company a non-transferable license to receive, store and use Vendor Information in all services provided by Company. This license may be further expanded or limited in scope based on Vendor’s selected settings.
  • Complete and approve all optional selections in Company’s Settings as it relates to use of Marks and Company’s opt-in services. These options must be approved by Vendor personnel with the authority to enter into contracts.
  • Provide timely and accurate updates to Company with regard to changes to Vendor Information.
  • Receive communications from Company for marketing, transactional and business purposes.
  • Submit info@capsolve.com as a subscriber to its free email newsletter or similar as a means of sharing Vendor, Product and Service information with Company. This submission is not required and may be implemented at the option of the registering Vendor. Any opt-out executed by Company to reverse this submission must be honored upon request based on existing and applicable laws.

Updated August 30, 2022