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Capsolve produces ECommerce and Internet Booking Engine Software Research for all Industries of Coverage

Bradenton, FL – Capsolve announces its updated ECommerce & Internet Booking Engine Software research. This report analyzes the happenings in the IBE category of solutions for the benefit of all covered industries. This category consists of vendors of all sizes with multiple large, mature solution providers and is classified as Super based on the number of companies it contains. The research is organized into two primary styles, including pure IBE solutions and other IBE solutions combined with various Marketing and Distribution tools.

While many countries were represented by at least one vendor located within their borders, almost 25% were headquartered within the United States. As a result, the dispersion across countries was found to be High. The United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Spain made up the remaining countries in the top 5.

As it relates to buyers of IBE solutions, the needs most serviceable with the vendors’ software products include managing Customer Information, Reservations and Payments along with other ECommerce specific elements of the category. Modular functionality is somewhat intertwined with this category due to its fundamental ECommerce position, plethora of standard booking engine capabilities and the resulting connection to Websites, GDS and Metasearch. Capsolve defines the requirements complexity level of this category as High as a result of the need to connect this consumer booking solution with the hotel’s core, marketing and distribution systems and the essence of these interactions.




Research Contents

  • A summary of the overall solutions marketplace, and
  • Its place within the Marketing Technology Ecosystem
  • Current Trends influencing the category
  • The Core Capabilities provided by the researched solutions
  • The Styles employed by Solution Providers within the market
  • Key sales and marketing considerations for these products and services
  • Access to Interactive Tools
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