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Review Research: Reputation Management Solutions

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Definition: Reputation Management consists of marketing tactics, such as surveys, reviews and public relations programs managed by either the business (i.e.: hotel, vacation rental, restaurant, golf course) or an agency on their behalf, able to create benefits similar to advertising exposure.


Reputation Management Solutions or Review Solutions exist in multiple forms and are designed to solve an array of needs across the industry. Whether your company or location wants to aggregate and analyze its reviews from numerous sites or have a holistic approach to managing its digital reputation, one or more solutions likely exist. The feature sets within these products encompass everything from gathering and encouraging reviews from customers to deep analytics across all review sources combined with market communications through multiple channels.

Marketplace Context

Capsolve’s research uncovered more than 109 solutions that at least track reviews or gather one or more forms of customer feedback, typically from surveys, ratings or reviews. However, these solutions vary significantly across the industries covered. Most offer basic functionality to gather customer feedback while a small set of solutions provide a comprehensive reputation management solution to their subscribers and clients.

Most of the solutions that exist are part of another software solution or a module within it. A select few are fully functional solutions centered around guest experience management. The key to finding the best solution for your property is to understand your business needs and how you want customer feedback to play a role.

Capsolve categorizes Review Solutions based upon three primary areas – Guest Experience, Marketing and Operations. However, the value of these solutions is often applied across functional responsibility areas within organizations. Simply stated, companies are able to apply any learning from guest feedback and make improvements in nearly any area of their business. As part of this categorization, Capsolve goes a step further and includes categorization based on the the actual type of product that includes the Review Solution functionality. Listed here is more information about this and the product counts within this categorization methodology:

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Capsolve’s Research on Reputation Management Solutions includes:

  • Review Solution Styles
  • Core Capabilities for Review Solutions
  • Sales & Marketing Considerations
  • Interfaces for Review Solutions

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About The Document

This document details a review of the marketing information and capabilities associated with Reputation Management Solutions and the surrounding technology ecosystem. It contains original content written by Capsolve to provide a perspective of current trends affecting solution providers, country clubs, vacation rentals, restaurants and hotels.