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COVID-19 Mitigation Solutions

A Brief Analysis of Solutions to Help Protect Businesses & People from the Effects of COVID-19

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Definition: Mitigation solutions encompass virus killing tactics, disinfecting solutions, equipment and technology designed to erradicate or protect us against this new enemy.


This special report is intended to be a planning resource for hotel, vacation rentals, restaurant and golf and country club businesses affected by COVID-19. It’s important to note that Capsolve is not an expert in the virus, but understands the software, technology and business processes that may help protect you, your colleagues, your company and your community from the risks inherent within a COVID-19 influenced world. The COVID-19 mitigation categories and solutions are not silver bullets in and of themselves, but offer viable, common-sense based possibilities in your efforts to mitigate the aforementioned risks. 

Capsolve has identified a preliminary 26 fundamental capabilities that may be affected by COVID-19 mitigation for these industry segments. These capabilities may require adjustment, discontinuation or a complete overhaul to be successfully addressed in this rapidly changing environment. Capsolve has also identified 34 solution categories and is actively compiling the software, technology, equipment and services within them that may prove useful depending upon your specific needs and chosen business and mitigation strategies.

Marketplace Context

The COVID-19 crisis is being described each day as “unprecedented times”, “uncharted territory” and “a challenging scenario”. While we have learned much about this virus and how to manage it, we may have yet more to learn. Selected regions of the world have more experience with the effects of contagious viruses and have put in place solutions to mitigate this unique type of issue. Capsolve’s research attempts to aggregate solutions based upon all of these inputs and more.

As you already realize, your needs as a business have and may continue to change over the coming months and years. What appears to be taking shape right now will undoubtedly be different when this situation clears. We may be dealing with complete eradication of the virus that allows our economy to rapidly return to previous levels, continued management of a heightened threat or something in between creating a sense of a new normal. This may vary by region or location and the effect on a given business may require a specifically designed response aligned with your local COVID-19 impact, company culture and philosophy as well as other known or unknown factors.

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Capsolve’s Research on COVID-19 Mitigation Solutions includes:

  • COVID-19 Affected Capabilities
  • Prospective Solutions
  • COVID-19 Solution Cloud
  • Marketing Considerations
  • Risk Mitigation

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About The Document

This document details a review of the marketing information and capabilities associated with COVID-19 Mitigation Solutions and the surrounding ecosystem. It contains original content written by Capsolve to provide a perspective of current trends affecting solution providers, country clubs, restaurateurs and hoteliers. If you have questions or comments pertaining to COVID-19 solutions, please contact Capsolve to get further information specific to your unique business needs and goals.