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Research: COVID-19 Mitigation

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The world took a step or more back when the pandemic was underway. One result was that many products were either born or repurposed to combat this tragedy. This report puts structure around how you may want to consider keeping this in check.

Classifications: (what is this?)

  • Category Size: Medium
  • Geographic Dispersion: Low
  • Requirements Complexity: Medium

Industries Covered:

  • Hotel, Restaurant, Vacation Rental, Golf, Spa and more
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Capsolve’s Research on COVID-19 Mitigation Solutions includes:

  • COVID-19 Affected Capabilities
  • Prospective Solutions
  • COVID-19 Solution Cloud
  • Marketing Considerations
  • Risk Mitigation

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Mitigation solutions encompass virus killing tactics, disinfecting solutions, equipment and technology designed to eradicate or protect us against this new enemy.

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About this Report

This document details a review of the marketing information and capabilities associated with this category’s solutions and the surrounding technology ecosystem. It contains original content written by Capsolve to provide a perspective of current trends affecting one or more of the hotel, restaurant and golf & country clubs industries. The analysis covers a statistically significant portion of the previously defined category marketplace.

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