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Interfaces Research: Interconnectivity

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Definition: Interfaces create connectivity across systems on behalf of a company needing to manage the information flowing across them. They may be implemented in a number of forms and allow data to traverse from one system to another and when necessary, stay in sync with each other. They facilitate quality, workflow and automation and provide a vehicle to strive toward seamless customer experiences.


Hospitality businesses have an extraordinary number of opportunities to connect the systems they rely upon each day with interfaces and interconnectivity. This is a dramatic improvement from what used to be available to the industry to securely exchange data across a system infrastructure. However, countering this greater opportunity is the increased complexity as a result of the choices when designing the desired level of interconnectivity amongst a set of disparate systems.

This interconnectivity is facilitated by an array of technologies including ESBs, APIs, interfaces, custom coding, ETL, data management solutions, interconnectivity tools, standards, security solutions, communication protocols and solution provider ecosystems. All of these may play a part in transferring information, triggering events and completing business processes among other tasks. Furthermore, the cloud software we have today is often designed with easier data exchange in mind, or even built into it, as a subscriber benefit.

Marketplace Context

As it relates to hotels and restaurants, there are numerous solutions Capsolve identified that may help facilitate industry interconnections across software and hardware systems, encompassing the whole solution map of a property. These are each somewhat unique and have certain strengths as to the types of interfaces and connections they support. The information that follows will help you understand many of the areas to consider as part of an evaluation or RFP. Capsolve could also assist you in either finding the best solution or connecting you with a qualified resource to do the same.

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Capsolve’s Research on Interconnectivity Solutions includes:

  • Elements of Interfaces
  • The Interconnectivity Marketplace
  • The Ecosystem Approach
  • Current Trends

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The following suggestions are founded on the principles of being practical and quickly finding solutions to real world issues and opportunities. These trends, and others that eventually replace them, may be useful to you when considering your purchase of Interconnectivity Solutions within these industry segments.

  1. More Interconnectivity Solutions are entering the mainstream, providing improved options to industry participants.
  2. The ease associated with connecting systems has improved dramatically, creating more partnerships, especially across cloud providers.
  3. Many solution providers are facilitating these connections with low-code solutions supported by feature-rich products.

Questions for the Future

As you ponder the future and what Marketing & Technology needs you may have, here are some questions your business may want to answer:

  1. What implications does this have on a partnership ecosystem where a new connection to a partner company is measured in days, hours or minutes, rather than months?
  2. How could I estimate the financial implications of either an investment or divestment in capabilities or business processes?
  3. How will my business manage the new responsibilities and systems that arise from better data and software interactions?

About The Document

This document details a review of the marketing information and capabilities associated with Interconnectivity and the surrounding technology ecosystem. It contains original content written by Capsolve to provide a perspective of current trends affecting solution providers, consultants, restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals and country clubs.