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Kiosk Research: Kiosk Solutions for Guest Experience & Employee Safety

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Understanding the Hardware, Software and Device Management of Kiosk Technology in Hospitality

Definition: A Kiosk Solution (KS) consists of consumer or guest-facing technology, such as hardware or software, designed to address customer needs as it relates to services, goods or similar offerings from a business. These systems may be simple or complex in their scope of capabilities, providing solutions for customers in the area of Hotel Check-in and Check-out, Hotel Folio Access, Employee Safety, Booking Reservations, Selling Amenities, Restaurant Purchases, Food Vending, Parking, Directions, Weather and more.


This category has taken on a world of its own in recent years providing a wealth of solutions to the hospitality industry and its segments. The hardware aspect of kiosks range from traditional kiosks, tablets, mobile phones and numerous components that extend the functionality of the hardware, such as Touchscreens, ID Scanners, Payment Terminals, Cameras, Key Dispensers, Printers, Temperature Scanners, Solar Panels and more. As for software, a kiosk may be focused on one item or designed to be a jack-of-all-trades for the business or its customers. Software and interfaces may include Hotel Front Desk Operations, Restaurant Ordering, Wayfinding, Amenity Bookings, Employee Shift Registration, Grocery Purchases and the list continues.

This Capsolve report emphasizes the solutions that address needs that commonly arise at hotels and restaurants, but selected use cases are relevant to golf and country clubs as well as vacation rentals. These products are often focused on addressing service needs, operations and making products more accessible. However, the report will also discuss the Device Management aspect of Kiosks and its heightened importance for multi-location organizations.

As of this writing, Capsolve identified 70 Kiosk Solutions designed for the hospitality enviroment. As one might expect, the companies delivering these solutions are sprinkled across the globe with hardware companies predominantly in the United States and Southeast Asia and software companies often headquartered in North America and Europe.

Kiosk vendor global headquarters locations.

As seen in the above and below image, only 37% of Kiosk Solutions are delivered by United States centric companies, albeit the leader. However, it is important to note that many of the technologies are new to the category as it is realtively young, despite having some longer standing constituents who have either long serviced the industry with hardware or who expanded their coverage in the category through product line extensions. All said, this research is dominated by software companies that bring hardware as part of their product offering versus hardware companies that are compatible with software within the industry, as was previously the situation 10 to 15 years ago.

Kiosk vendors top headquarters locations by country.

Marketplace Context

Similar to many other categories of hospitality software and technology, this category has a vast array of potential features due to goal of addressing more and more customer needs. A unique trait of this category is its ability to be morphed into nearly any set of customer or employee-facing features as makes sense for the bsuiness. Capsolve has researched this category of solutions for you and introduces you to the possibilities that exist for your team and company.

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About The Document

This document details a review of the marketing information and capabilities associated with Kiosk Solutions and the surrounding technology ecosystem. It contains original content written by Capsolve to provide a perspective of current trends affecting hotels, restaurants, golf and country clubs, solution providers, consultants and agencies. The analysis covers a statistically significant portion of the Kiosk Solution marketplace relevant to these industries.