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DOS Research: Digital & Online Ordering Solutions

A Brief Analysis of Online Ordering Solutions for Restaurants

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Existing trends combined with the recent pandemic have caused major changes in the restaurant, golf and hospitality industries, as many understand all too well. The result is the need and desire to accommodate online ordering for its customers to fulfill delivery, pickup, order ahead and onsite requests from customers. While taking phone orders will suffice to an extent for certain restaurants, it’s likely many will reach a point when they choose to facilitate orders from digital channels.

Capsolve has researched the types of solutions that could play a role for individual restaurants or restaurant groups, as they fill or enhance this gap in their marketing and technology capabilities. Capsolve’s research covers 109 products and services across the globe to define the category of Digital Ordering Solutions. This research identified 95 features and capabilities that may be important across these industry segments to the successful receipt and fulfillment of these orders.

Marketplace Context

The global restaurant industry is in the midst of planning not only for their needs right now, but forecasting how they may change over the coming months as the unknowns associated with today’s economic conditions continue to unfold and dissipate. Some restaurants and brands have made choices to get a solution in place to meet today’s needs. Others are still waiting for a green light to reopen and are preparing for the new wishes of their respective communities. No matter the approach, change is afoot and will be here for the impending future.

More optimistically, while this creates significant amounts of change within a climate of limited resources, it also creates opportunity. Those companies able to dig deep and find the wherewithal and resources to compete, should reap the rewards. Supporting this concept, numerous marketing and technology solutions have surfaced in recent years, creating more options with respect to adding Digital Ordering Solutions for restaurants. This level of innovation supports the industry as it makes decisions about the services needed within their respective, local communities.

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Capsolve’s Research on Digital & Online Ordering Solutions includes:

  • DOS Styles
  • Core Capabilities of Online Ordering
  • Sales & Marketing Considerations
  • Interfaces for Online Ordering

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About The Document

This document details a review of the marketing information and capabilities associated with Digital Ordering Solutions and the surrounding technology ecosystem. It contains original content written by Capsolve to provide a perspective of current trends affecting solution providers, country clubs, restaurateurs and hoteliers. If you have questions pertaining to marketing and technology solutions, please contact Capsolve to get further information specific to your unique business needs and goals.