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Emergency Solutions: Panic Buttons, E911 and Alerting Systems

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Definition: Emergency Solutions are technologies and services designed to improve the safety of customers while visiting a business or employees while at work. These solutions encourage the exchange of information and communication in an effort to reduce risks that may undermine the safety of an individual.


While always an important topic for employers, safety has found its way into the limelight recently as multiple states have introduced legislature to require hotels to make changes to their Emergency Solutions and in certain locales, provide guests and personnel with the tools they need to protect themselves and communicate with others quickly. Front desk employees, housekeepers and other employees are often placed in lone worker situations where their ability to reach assistance may be compromised in a number of scenarios. The market has provided numerous solutions to meet this need, but now has requirements to adhere to specific safety measures for most types of businesses within Capsolve’s core industries. Whether it is for guests and employees to reach emergency services or alert another source when a worker’s safety is at risk, the marketplace of solution providers has responded.

This Capsolve report emphasizes the solutions that address emergency situations and are in response to the aforementioned legislature, which will be covered at a basic level in this report. These products are often focused on alerting other parties in an emergency, what we call Alerting Systems. However, a portion of the marketplace provides this functionality in the context of existing product lines, in categories such as Telephony, Unified Communications, Security Systems, IT Services and Operational Systems. All of the products are designed around one or more Emergency Solution needs that exist for Hotels, Restaurants, Vacation Rentals, Golf & Country Clubs in addition to other industry sectors with similar characteristics.

As of this writing, Capsolve identified 34 Emergency Solutions designed for the hospitality enviroment. Since most of the legislature Capsolve researched directly affects the United States, the vast majority of these solutions are provided by companies headquartered in the United States. A number of these solutions were designed to rely on existing infrastructure when possible, while some leverage either new technology or attempt to minimize their technological footprint. Either way, the industry has a new cost associated with keeping its employees safe under certain conditions and vendors continue to make their solutions as affordable as possible while providing a quality product for its purpose, that is delivering a mechanism to ensure the well-being of guests and employees while at work and play.

Emergency Solutions: Vendor Global Headquarters as researched by Capsolve.

As seen in the above and below image, the Emergency Solutions are delivered by United States centric companies. This and selected other areas of the world have expereienced change in how businesses are required to protect their guests and employees. Despite the legal origin, some of the products are accessible in other parts of the globe and have become a standard for various hotel companies due to their interest in keeping people as safe as possible. This is a long-standing goal of the hotel industry, but many of the tools being discussed were more recently introduced to the market.

Emergency Solutions: Vendor Country Headquarters as researched by Capsolve.

Marketplace Context

Different from many other categories of hospitality software and technology, this category has a focused feature set due to the fact that it is designed to address rather specific needs. There is a level of complexity introduced across the category by the variations of how these solutions fit into an existing technological infrastructure, not to mention the importance of these systems. Capsolve has researched this category of solutions for you and sheds light on how to find the best solutions for your team and company.

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This document details a review of the marketing information and capabilities associated with Emergency Solutions and the surrounding technology ecosystem. It contains original content written by Capsolve to provide a perspective of current trends affecting hotels, restaurants, golf and country clubs, solution providers, consultants and agencies. The analysis covers a statistically significant portion of the Emergency Solution marketplace.