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Mobility Research: Mobile Solutions

A Brief Analysis of Mobility Solutions for Hotels, Restaurants, Country Clubs and Vacation Rentals

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Definition: Mobile Solutions designed for the hospitality industry include all types of user interfaces directed to consumers, guests, group attendees and employees. They allow these audiences to perform numerous functions before, during and after a stay at a hotel, a meal at a restaurant, a round of golf or a visit to the spa, among many other scenarios.


The Mobile Solutions marketplace contains an interesting array of software, hardware, IoT, BLE, mobile apps, responsive websites and interconnectivity. There are hundreds of solutions with each having a unique set of features and functionality. Whether they are designed for Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Restaurants or the various facets of the Golf industry, there are a plethora of choices. They meet the needs of Guests, Groups, Employees, Venues, Planners, Event Attendees and Businesses alike. Then there are countless solution combinations for building and managing your own customized app or mobile website to house your chosen features for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

Capsolve reviewed the marketplace as a whole to help businesses at the location, region, brand or chain level answer six key questions on their path to a solution.

  • What solutions exist?
  • What do the solutions do?
  • What don’t they do?
  • What are my company’s requirements?
  • What solutions meet these needs?
  • How do I ensure we make a high quality decision?

Capsolve’s research covers 280 products and services across the globe to define the category of Mobile Solutions. This research identified 234 companies and 68 capabilities to represent the category of solutions reasonably visible to the buying marketplace.

Marketplace Context

Each industry segment has its predominant goals for their mobile environment. Hotels and Vacation Rentals are focused on achieving a certain service level for their guests. Restaurants need to make key decisions about how to accept online orders from their patrons. Golf Courses and Country Clubs thrive on the convenience sought by their players and members. However, all segments and their guests share a need to emphasize contactless business processes to ensure the safety of all parties, amongst other justifying factors. These change management endeavors are being faced while many businesses within these segments are at an all time revenue low. This may require these businesses to make tough decisions about reducing expenses in the form of staff, marketing, technology and simplified business processes. Meanwhile, these businesses have to prepare for how and when to ramp up a business reflecting the required changes for how they will compete in the future.

More optimistically, this situation also creates opportunity. Hotels are able to provide a more streamlined service level to those customers who desire it. Vacation Rentals have more viable access to marketing and technology options to improve operational needs. Restaurants now have more solutions to many of the long-standing issues that caused hesitation toward industry change. The Golf segment is also able to place more control in the hands of its golfers. All of this creates the first two questions…what solutions exist and what do they do?

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Capsolve’s Research on Mobile Solutions includes:

  • Mobile Solution Styles
  • Core Capabilities for Mobile Solutions
  • Sales & Marketing Considerations
  • Interfaces for Mobile Solutions

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About The Document

This document details a review of the marketing information and capabilities associated with Mobile Solutions and the surrounding technology ecosystem. It contains original content written by Capsolve to provide a perspective of current trends affecting solution providers, country clubs, vacation rentals, restaurants and hotels.