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Distribution Research: Hotel Distribution Solutions

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Definition: Hotel Distribution solutions facilitate reservation transactions beyond the boundaries of an individual hotel property. These solutions may take on this responsibility across one or more channels and are often intermingled with a hotel’s marketing efforts, but ultimately support the transfer of the reservation from its origin or a point along its path to the hotel. Technology examples include the systems and interfaces that secure a booking within a CRS or OTA and send it to the hotel.


The field for Hotel Distribution Solutions is expansive, especially when considering all the technologies that are part of ensuring a reservation and its associated information gets from the consumer to the hotel. As a result, Capsolve needed to create an understandable approach to this research report. The simplification chosen to accomplish this was to treat Hotel Distribution Solutions as an overlay capability across the top of many technology categories. This causes us to ask one question of each solution considered for this analysis. That is, does the solution facilitate hotel transactions at any part of their lifecycle?

However, qualifying technology in this manner causes us to consider an unwieldy number of solutions. Therefore, the study excludes the solutions that are solidly within the categories of CRS, PMS, IBE, Channel Managers, Website Management & Marketing, and Content Distribution. That said, the solutions within these categories that have a less traditional approach to distribution or had a more comprehensive set of capabilities were included. When appropriate, those companies that were also included encompassed Switching Services, Mega-Product companies with significant distribution capabilities and Hotel Distribution Solutions that were relevant to individual properties in addition to brands. Finally, solutions typically known to be an endpoint, such as CRS, Website CMS or OTA may be included if they reached further along the hotel distribution stream in either direction.

As of this writing, Capsolve has identified 80 Hotel Distribution Solutions designed specifically for the needs of the industry that were considered for this research. Historically, this category was marketed to larger hotel companies, but this has changed as the solutions began to accommodate individual properties. This has occurred over the course of many years due to multiple factors and ultimately stems from the wide variation of needs across the industry.

As seen in the above image, the Hotel Distribution Solutions are delivered across the globe by companies headquartered in many parts of the world. The United States has a significant share of those tracked in Capsolve’s research and it represents approximately 42% of the total, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. When factoring in the complete Hotel Distribution landscape across multiple categories, the international presence is much more prominent.

Marketplace Context

As with other categories within hospitality, this dispersion extends well beyond the geographic headquarters of the solution providers into the actual functionality of their respective solutions. The reality is that you will find almost any combination of functionality within this marketplace depending upon your business needs. However, sifting through these and hundreds more vendors that play a role in hotel distribution may become overwhelming regardless of your level of technological prowess.

Capsolve has researched this category of solutions for you and sheds light on how to find the best solutions for your team.

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About The Document

This document details a review of the marketing information and capabilities associated with Hotel Distribution Solutions and the surrounding technology ecosystem. It contains original content written by Capsolve to provide a perspective of current trends affecting hotels, solution providers, consultants and agencies. The analysis covers a statistically significant portion of the Hotel Distribution Solution marketplace.